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A Native New Yorker who in 2015 moved to mainland China to work as an English instructor and increase my fluency in conversational Chinese. In addition I had a burning desire to get hands-on knowledge with product development, manufacturing, supply and procurement on a global scale. While in China, I spent extensive time observing the US market and I would continuously see inferior quality goods being offered at unreasonable prices with iterations of the product in stores no less than a week later.
My first taste of wholesale procurement was in The Tianjin shoe markets about an hour from Beijing. Here I purchased replica sneakers in bulk and exported it the East coast. At this time, I relied solely on google translate and vigorous hand gestures to communicate, I continued expanding on this business model until it was time to liquidate and move on to new endeavors.
By my second year, I was absolutely determined to be at the epicentre/ heart of the supply chain and product cycle. Having already advanced in colloquial (spoken) mandarin, I reinvested my profits into the used consumer electronics market (iPhones , MacBooks , iPads and gaming consoles), and listed items on eBay with free 2 -3 day air shipping. This was worked flawlessly until EBay and PayPal IP blocked me and I returned to the drawing board.
With an even more expanded Chinese vocabulary, I moved from the frigid north of China to the warm and welcoming south. Living in Shenzhen the worlds manufacturing hub and home to the largest wholesale component market and the entire world, the possibilities were endless. I shipped products from Hong Kong by transporting them to Hong Kong and using DHL.
Hong Kong and Shenzhen became the ultimate catalyst to expand on my business model.
I began my insatiable urge to find ultimate suppliers for each prospective clients. Upon arrival into Shenzhen, I made it my mission to visit as many suppliers for as many different products as possible to ascertain who had the best quality. From there I began developing relationships with local suppliers to break in to the close knit Chinese culture. Attaining the best price available for my clients was as equally valuable as building relationships with local suppliers
I made it my daily mission to speak to at least five strangers every day regardless of how of broken the sentences were. The typical questions posed to male foreigners were

  • Where are you from?
  • How much do you make?
  • What do you do?
  • Are you married?
  • Why don’t you have a wife?

  • Despite the redundancy, I made it my mission every day to speak and increase my Chinese ability on a colloquial level to better resonate and speak to the heart of my suppliers. I want them to feel as confident as they would speaking to a Chinese buyer. I made it my life's work in China to fully understand the business practices, the formalities and why things were done they way the were. I became an active student of Chinese culture, adapting solely to their customs that.
    Throughout my 5 year journey to China and back, I fully understand what "the worlds largest superpower" meant.
    I worked as a university professor Monday to Friday and on the weekends take the fast trains to nearby provinces to see the origins of the best manufacturing available. The day I got promoted Director of foreign teachers was oddly the day I knew that I had a different calling in China. I had surpassed my capabilities in the classroom and needed to find more lucrative ways to earn whislt honoring my natural affinity and experience in the product development world.
    That I’ve been given or acquired on my way here so I began taking clients on my own to source pick your make contact with factories on their behalf just so I can get the experience and exposure I needed to do this full time on my on.
    At this time Shopify, Amazon FBA & other e-commerce platforms had started to gain traction internationally. I started obtaining first-hand knowledge of Amazon's entire procurement and supply process on a very intimate level . Having been exposed to these resources, I was head hunted on wechat by an upcoming beauty supply Mexitop to be their business development manager. Throughout that experience I was invited to teach the basics of Shopify to a group of over 50+ current alibaba suppliers looking to capitalize on an emerging trend and an untapped frontier for Chinese merchants. This exposure gave me the confidence I needed to develop my conversational and translating skills

    The Way I Work


    Is / means the medium we use to enact change or start creation , its ultimate conduit for any relationship or transaction . Without it nothing great can be achieved


    Is about trust or is the ultimate act of trust when it comes to product development and sourcing . Youre trusting me to understand and convey your vision / goal to suppliers, manufactures and designers . With the end goal of making your product come alive .


    Dedicated to helping you find or develop the perfect product / solution to your problem Help you get your idea off the ground from Sample to shelf ( supposing we ever need brick n motor stores anymore ) You vision is my vision until the world can experience it .

    Who Are My Clients?

    My clients are new or recently establishes enterprises , currently sourcing or looking to manufacture goods in China , I help empower you with better choices in terms of supplies prices and introduce you to new embracing trends and intercede on your behalf with reputable Chinese supplies or factories to help increase profit margin . I also work with older companies in a select group of industries not yet taping into Cross border trade .

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